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Engagement Ring: Hints to Get The Dream One

by rauschmayer
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Is your significant another acting weird around you? Every time you mention a wedding or anything related to Marriage, do they shy away or blush? Or, every time you both go on a walk or buy groceries, you find them secretly looking at the best engagement rings when you cross jewelry stores?

Or whenever they are with you, they discuss a lot about Marriage and how they can’t wait to spend their whole life with you. If all this is what you are experiencing, then my lady, there is a chance of you receiving the awaited proposal. But what if you already have a dream ring on your mind?

So, it’s time to drop some hints. 

 Pin them directly 

If you know your partner’s marriage proposal, it’s fair to send them the rings you want. This will assist them in improving their selections. The world of engagement rings is vast and complicated, and it’s easy for proposers to become lost in the complexities. Furthermore, if you send the rings to him, why limit yourself to just one ring? Send your lover a few different ring options so you’ll be shocked and happy when they propose the ring you love!

  • Go on a double date.

Go on a double date with your engaged/married pals, especially those aware of your plan. You can indirectly start a discussion regarding engagement rings! Compliment their engagement ring, inquire about what they appreciate, and, most importantly, discuss the aspects of their ring that you adore. With this discussion, your partner will figure out what he has to take care of. Feel free to add heavy winks and aggressive throat-clearing to specific dialogue. This doesn’t have to be a date with a recently engaged pal. It also works with a mutual friend if you both love to chat about weddings and engagement rings frequently.

  • Leave ring-related notes all over the place:- 

This is the most prominent way to let him know about the ring you would like to get proposed. So, if you both share the same computer, leave a ring jeweler’s website open, so he sees it when he checks his email the following day. 

  • Surf the Internet (Next to Him)

When surfing the web together, casually drop subtle engagement ring hints. Show him which rings you like and don’t like so he can get a better sense of what style of engagement ring you prefer. With this, you will be able to deliver his best understanding of the jewelry. Even if he has no idea what the 4Cs stand for or the difference between a halo and pave setting, he may go to a trusted jeweler and tell them you like the “large square diamond with smaller diamonds all around the band,” and they’ll take care of the rest.

  • Utilize Social media:- 

Are both you and your partner Instagram users? If yes, tag your special someone when you see a beautiful engagement ring on Instagram. Also, Once your Pinterest board is filled with wedding rings and other jewelry-themed items that you love, you can start sharing on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Your partner will come across these posts at some point. Hopefully, it will start to plant the seeds for engagement ring shopping to grow in the right direction! They might think they are being clever and intuitive, but it will have been you and your mood board running the show!

  • Window shopping playfulness:- 

If you’re confident in your acting abilities, you can always play a window shopping game with your partner and drop hints while you’re out and about. Make plans to take them to stroll around a popular fine jewelry store in New Jersey, where you can make light comments about some of the floral engagement rings they see. Point out a few rings that you like. Hopefully, your significant other will remember which ones you liked and will be able to use that information in future engagement ring purchasing.

Last but not least, How About Proposing with Rauschmayer Engagement Rings? 

If they got all your hints and were looking for a place to buy a diamond engagement ring, ask them to visit Rauschmayer once. Anything you have dreamed of, you will be found on our product page. There is a vast array of engagement ring styles, metal, and fine jewelry. However, there are fewer chances that your significant other won’t like the engagement ring you choose from the product page. But if this happens, then you can also Design your personalized Engagement Ring. As Your love story is unique, the ring you choose to express that love should be too!

In summary!! 

engagement ring

That’s how you have to drop hints to get your dream custom engagement ring

Try giving them hints through direct messages, go on double dates, leave ring-related notes all over the place, and surf the internet(sitting next to him), make use of Social Media & window shopping playfulness. And not only these, but you can also even try out many other ways to drop them the hint. But again, try not to be a pushover!!

Which of these Hints will you try on your partner? Let us know in the comment section.

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