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Nail And Stack Your Fine Diamond Jewelry Like A Pro

by rauschmayer
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We know how much you love your diamond jewelry, so let us help you to show it off a little more with our pro tips that’ll outshine your looks from the rest. Just a friendly reminder, Sometimes bigger isn’t better, but more is, and by more, we mean layering & stacking. Stacking your fine diamond jewelry is an alluring way of accessorizing – just make sure to do it in a nicer and wiser way. Don’t you worry; if you are not getting it right for the first time, Rauschmayer is here to offer you the best tips so that you can nail every occasion with your phenomenal and marvelous looks?

Pro Tips To Stack Your Fine Diamond Jewelry

This fall, do something unique and creative by stacking your fine diamond jewelry in a way that people around you can’t take their eyes off. Try to layer the new designer pieces with something vintage or your personal favorites and present them with a look that is truly winning.

Remember, a look is all about the accessories and how you carry them, make sure to pair them up in a vibing manner that’ll look effortless yet elegant.

How To Stack Diamond Rings?

Stacking rings reflects your unique personality and taste. Moreover, stacked rings enable a graceful aesthetic or more of a fashionable vibe, considering your outfit. Keep in mind that texture and color mixing is crucial. You can also play with different shapes and sizes, ranging from horizontal to vertical, for a nicely balanced look.

There is no mentioned hard and fast rule for stacking; you can tie a staple piece with different rings to generate the perfect look.

Expert Tip: Make sure to keep some of your fingers free so as to avoid any tumultuous and chaotic look.

Some Tips To Keep In Mind While Stacking Your Rings

Style your ring around the anchor

An anchor ring is a foundation that allows you to stack a pile of rings based on your personality. As mentioned, stacking always needs an anchor, and the anchor may be your engagement ring, wedding band, or just your casual diamond ring. There isn’t a rule that says that you can have two or maybe more to have a solo anchor – that’s entirely your choice.

Let the stacked ring look delicate. 

Pull off the seamlessly delicate look by simply layering a number of thin rings, or just wear the double-stacked rings. Necessarily, thin rings are good for stacking as they rest well at the bottom of our fingers; not only that, they can also be styled as midi rings.

Prefer mix and match rings

Show off an interesting and creative look by mixing and matching different pieces. For this, pair a smoother stack of rings with textured yet designer rings. For a more vibrant look, you can mix and match different metals, for instance, white gold with rose gold, to enhance its beauty to the fullest.

How To Stack Diamond Pendants?

Layering necklaces and pendants can be done at any time of the season as it is going to reflect a gorgeous yet appealing look regardless of time and weather. Layered pendants or necklaces are for sure going to look nice, whether it’s on a turtle neck or bare neck.

Try to add a funky pendant next to a decent one to get a combination of sophisticated elegance. While stacking, try to keep your touch as delicate as possible. If you are into heavy neck accessories, then prefer pairing the funky pendants with bolder chains.

Expert Tip: Pearl neckpieces are preferable for classic yet funky fine diamond jewelry.

Best Ways To Stack Your Diamond Pendants

Tangle Pendants Style

Complement the style by wearing two or more pendants of the same length. Try to entangle in a way so that the central design or stone of each pendant sits differently on the neck or collarbone.

Multi-tasking Style

Try to be creative with your pendant. Wear it on your wrist by entangling it into two-three layers, and complement it with a matching charming bracelet. You can also add a locket holding your memorable pictures to add a more sentimental touch.

Combine Short And Long Style

Combine your shortest necklace with the extra-long chain or pendant, as it gives an opulence feel by being the lengthy piece looped around your neck.

Mix Textures Style

Pair up chains and pendants of different textures to your casual outfit to get a cool and funky look. Try to pair a piece that has a center diamond as it is going to the protagonist so that people can’t just take their eyes off the combination.

How To Stack Diamond Bracelets?

The most simple yet common way to stack your fine diamond jewelry begins with the stacking of bracelets. With bracelets, you have got a good space for experimentation and can wiggle different styles, metals, and textures to get the most alluring and unique look.

For regular wear or a semi-formal look, try to stack smooth and highly crafted metal pieces, to get the dope chic and polished look. On the other side, if you are looking for a vibrant yet stylish look, stack an array of colorful and textured gemstone bracelets with thick and thin plain pieces so as to highlight the main center bracelet.

Expert Tip: Try to spend money on bracelets that should slip easily and rest comfortably for everyday wear. Try layering your bracelets of classic and modern styles for a contemporary chic feel.

A Wise Suggestion: Show off and stack your expensive tennis bracelet without hiding its brilliance is to pair it with a decent bracelet like an open cuff bracelet or a glossy bangle bracelet.

The upshot: Stacking Fine Diamond Jewelry

diamond jewelry

Stacking or layering is not something that you get right in the first go; it may take time – but trust us, it’s worth it. Meanwhile, it’s fun to learn what goes well and what doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your lovely fine diamond jewelry pieces and try to bring some creative look.

Don’t forget to try our mentioned tips and tricks, which will surely highlight you from the crowd by being the best accessory carrier. We love guiding and talking about jewelry; that is why we are bringing you our expert 24*7 customer care services just for you. Don’t hesitate to call/text us and get your best pieces paired together.

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