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Customize Engagement Ring: Questions to Ask When Investing in!

by rauschmayer
customize engagement ring

Let us guess? You’ve scoured all of the jewelry stores and still haven’t found the ring that makes you say, “Oh my god, That’s it, That’s the ring.” You’ve also given a chance to the alternatives, but Grandma’s ring is a little out of style and is tarnished and broken, and you obviously don’t want to propose to her with something less than perfect. If that’s the case, we have three words: “customize engagement ring.” Custom jewelry design is the way to go, whether you want to revive an old piece of grandma jewelry or design your own engagement ring.

Here are the top 6 questions to ask when it comes to customizing engagement rings.

1. I’m in a hurry; she’s leaving for her another country within a month. Should I depend on customize engagement ring ? How long will Jeweler take to create a customized engagement ring?

A – The time it takes to create a unique engagement ring varies from six to twelve weeks. Also, the time depends on the complexity of the custom jewelry and the number of custom orders ahead of yours. The professional jeweler won’t move to the next step until they receive your approval on your customize engagement ring.

Also, the date can vary if you have given your order during the wedding season. It is necessary to have an important date to propose and submit your vision. So that the process will be complete at the exact time; if you are already out of time, then, for the time being, you can get her the promise ring and meanwhile place the order for a customize engagement ring. What else can be better than a surprise proposal?

2. This is my first time visiting a jeweler for a customize engagement ring?

I’m supposed to bring something to the initial consultation if anything?

A – Bring any design ideas you have, such as photos printed from the internet, Pinterest photos, magazine clippings, etc. Knowing what style you want helps designers narrow down their design alternatives. If you want to reset any gemstones or diamonds you already own into your new jewelry piece, please take them with you.

3. This is my first time investing in customized pieces of jewelry. I’m nervous because I don’t want her to be let down by the customize engagement ring. If you could then walk us through the process of customization.

A – You must first find photographs of various themes or attempt to sketch them out. The first step is to showcase your brilliant and unique idea. After your initial talk about your design and what you’re looking for, the jeweler begins with an online sketch and progresses to an online 3-D model. Once you’ve put it on the mold and double-checked that it’s exactly how you pictured it, the jeweler can finish with a gorgeous, polished result that you’ll remember forever.

In a nutshell, Here’s the process of customize engagement ring.

  • Sketch it out
  • Bring it to the trusty jeweler
  • CAD (computer-aided design)
  • Wax model
  • Final product

4. I’m on a tight budget. Will a customized engagement ring be more expensive?

A – This will ultimately depend on the jeweler you wish to trust and your financial budget. Jewelers can stay in that range. However, the jewelers want you to keep in mind the cost will be affected by different jewels, metals, and the complexity of your design. Discuss these preferences during your appointment to discover how they affect your budget. 

5. I have my Grandma’s ring, and it is all tarnished, but I want to keep the stones. So can I bring my stones and metal to customize the engagement ring?

A – Of course! People recognize the emotional and sentimental value of using gemstones/diamonds that you already own or have inherited. They’ll be pleased to reset these stones in your new piece of handmade jewelry, and if you wish, you can check out the brand-new gemstones and diamonds from their collection of exquisites jewelry. 

6. Last, Whom should I trust when it comes to buying a customized engagement ring?

A – Create your own engagement ring in heirloom quality jewelry at Rauschmayer. Contact our Jewelers to set up a free consultation! 


customize engagement ring

Our professional Jewelers can handle any project, big or small. What matters to us is that we assist you in designing and creating exactly what you want while staying within your budget.

For the time being, your potential forever jewelry is simply an idea, and our Jewelers will help you bring it to life. Call us today to get the Customize engagement ring quote. Come in for a free consultation and get started on your design project right now!

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